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The Centre for Alumni (CfA) in collaboration with the Facu𝄹lty of Computing and Informatics (FCI) organised the Permata Dunia Returns for the FCI students, featuring insightful ♛presentations from distinguished alumni. On 28 May 2024, Mr. Darshan Rajan, an Application Consultant at Rymnet Solutions and Permata Dunia FCI (2023) began the event with his presentation titled “Awareness of Future Career and Structuring Information System in Working Environment.” He provided valuable perspectives on the evolving career landscape and shared his expertise on structuring information systems within professional settings.  

Following Mr. Rajan’s session, Mr. Muhammed Alimran Khairul Anuar, a Technical Developer at Z21 Studio and Permata Dunia FCI (2022), delivered a presentation on “Maintaining Information System in Working Environment and Future Career Experience in IT World.” He elaborated on the practical aspects of maintaining information🉐 systems and shared his personal experiences in the IT ꦬindustry.  

Both speakers offered deep insights into the realities of working in the information technology field, addressing common challenges and their solutions. They also provided tips for becoming successful professionals in the information industry, drawing from their own career experiences. Approximately 40 students from Ms. Erma Haryani Esahar’s class attended each session. As a token of appreciation🐟, Ms. Erma presented souvenirs to the speakers, marking the conclusion of an enlightening and inspiring event.