Military Mass Notification

Our emergency warning giant voice and personal alert system designed for the military includes an extensive product line of wide area speaker arrays for outdoor alerting, audible and visual indoor warning systems, interoperable software, and software and controller modules that integrate base-wide and multi-base command and control.


  • Our Giant Voice Alert Systems offer base-wide, zone, and individual site activation and full status monitoring from a central location. High Powered Electronic Outdoor Warning Sirens, Radio and Landline Controlled, Two-Way monitoring, and Indoor PA systems are just the start of our capabilities.
  • We can integrate InterCommunications Systems, PBX, and provide complete turn-key system solutions. With the Federal Signal PAS system, you will have complete facility and personnel warning and communication capability.
  • Further, our ISDN Land-Line two-way digital communication system offers full protection against noise and malicious interference. The land-line option can also be kept cost effective by utilizing standard Cat 5 wiring.
  • Federal Commander Digital System: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software package which provides complete activation and status monitoring of each controller in the system. The software provides real-time visual indicators of site status, user configurable hot-keys for activation, a complete report and log database, dial-out or dial-in status reporting, and the ability to configure sites from the central control.
  • Modulator Siren Series: Omni-directional Electronic Outdoor Sirens available in 106 - 125dBC Sound Output Ratings at 100ft (30 meters). Crystal clear voice reproduction from both Live or Digitally Recorded Voice. High Powered Amplifier/Controllers are battery operated, individually addressable and offer complete status monitoring of AC Power, Battery Condition, Amplifier Current and Voltage, Intrusion, Communication Status, and Local Activation, among others.
  • UltraVoice Indoor Controller - UVIC:Federal Signal's UVIC was designed specifically to meet the intent of the UFC Mass Notification guideline (4-021-01). Offering a unique system design, the UVIC offers a centrally located control, amplification and RF communications package for indoor notification and public address. With the UVIC there is no need for distributed amplifiers or strobe power supplies. All strobe and speaker control and power is located in this compact site. Remote activation stations are also available.


  • Indoor and Outdoor Mass Notification System Solutions to meet UFC 4-021-01
  • Fully supervised Two-Way Status Monitoring
  • Public Address capability with Live and Digital Voice
  • RF and Land-line two-way activation and control
  • Turn-Key System Solutions
    • Project Management
    • System Design
    • Installation
    • Commissioning
    • Training