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Multimedia University Sustainability Club

The Multimedia University Sustainability Club is a student club for sustainably-minded undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Multimedia University to network and to organise activities towards environmental sustainability awareness and action across the MMU campuses. This is in line with the global effort to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDG) agenda towards sustainability and climate justice by empowering our students with the knowledge, skills and resources to spearhead the effort towards sustainability.

Multimedia University Sustainability Club Goals:

  1. To promote environmental and sustainability activities hosted by the university and other organisations for greater student awareness and knowledge.
  2. To provide a platform and forum for students and the wider campus community to share and discuss sustainability issues.
  3. To provide students with the opportunity to network with professionals with regards to the environment and sustainability.
  4. To mobilise environment and sustainability impact activities.
IOT-enabled smart farming initiative in MMU.

Committee Members 2023-2024

President: Ms Parveen Farjan Ali (Faculty of Management)
Vice President 1: Ms Gan Kai Wen (Faculty of Business)
Vice President 2: Ms Shine Tan Huey Shy (Faculty of Creative Multimedia)
Secretary: Ms. Maanasi Krishnamoorthy (Faculty of Business)
Deputy Secretary: Mr. Lum Jinn Min (Faculty of Computing & Informatics)
⛎ Treasurer: Mr. Vinson Chuo Jia Hao (Faculty of Business)