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Visa Information

All international students must obtain a valid Student Pass and Visa to study in Malaysia. Here are some important information on applying for a visa and more.


Students who have been granted the visa approval letter must apply for an entry visa from the nearest Malaysian Embassy or Malaysian Consulate Office in their country before traveling to Malaysia. Without an entry visa, you will not be allowed to enter Malaysia.


Students from South America and Africa are required to possess a valid immunization certificate for Yellow Fever not less than ten (10) days before entering Malaysia. Students will not be allowed to enter Malaysia without the valid immunization certificate.

Arrival Notification

Students must notify the University of their arrival details at least seven (7) working days before the traveling date to Malaysia. Arrival notification must be sent to;

visacyber@mmu.alertnotificatio𒆙 (Cyberjaya Campus)
visamelaka@mmu.aler💛 (Melaka Campus)

A representative from MMU will meet the students at the airport. Instructions will be sent to students prior arrival.

Changes in Arrival Details

Please notify us at least 48 hours earlier (excluding weekend) if there are any changes in your arrival itinerary. You may call MMU officers at the numbers mentioned below or email us at; (ğŸŽ€C♛yberjaya Campus)
visaꦰmelaka@mmu.alertnotification.com𒆙 (Melaka Campus)

Cyberjaya Campus

Mobile : +6011-2803-1218
Office : +603 8312 5960 / 5275 (during office hours)

Melaka Campus

Mobile : +6013-399-6241
Office : +606 252 3196 / 3738 / 4015 (during office hours)
  • At The Airport
    • Immigration clearance

    • Upon arrival, please proceed to Immigration counter for clearance. Do not wait at student waiting area. The copy of Visa Approval Letter and MMU Offer Letter must be hand carried to be presented to the Immigration Officer at the immigration check point. (Please prepare additional copy of each document for Immigration reference)

      Duration of Stay Permitted By Immigration Authorities

      You must take note of the entry date and the permitted duration of stay which are stamped in your passports by an Immigration officer.

      Meeting Point with MMU Officer

      MMU Officer will meet you at the Arrival Hall. Students must follow instructions given prior arrival. Please call the following numbers should you face any difficulties during the Immigration clearance or if you are not able to find MMU officer.

      Cyberjaya Campus:
      • Mobile : +6011-2803-1218
      • Officeꦍ : +603 8312 59605275 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-꧒5.30pm)

      Melaka Campus:
      • Mobile : +6013-399-6241
      • Office : +606 252 3196 / 3738 / 4015 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30p🗹m)

      Making Your Own Way to University

      Do let us know if you are making your own way to the university.In the event that you have missed the officer from MMU, you can take a taxi directly to the university. Use taxis under the official taxi company “AIRPORT LIMOUSINE SDN BHD”. The counter for “AIRPORT LIMOUSINE SDN BHD” is located immediately before the exit to the arrival hall. The current TAXI FARES* charged are as follows:

      • KLIA to MMU (Cyberjaya campus) – RM75.00*
      • KLIA TO MMU (Melaka campus) – RM165.00*
      *Fares are subject to change.

  • At The University
    • Reporting to University
    • Student is required to report to the university on the next working day after your arrival.
      You are encouraged to immediately inform your family about your arrival.
    • Post Medical Screening and Submission of Passports for Issuance of Student Pass Sticker
      Student must go for a Post-Arrival Medical Screening at the appointed EMGS panel clinic within seven (7) working days of your arrival date to Malaysia.
      You must submit your passport to the Visa Unit within seven (7) working days of your arrival to Malaysia to get the Student Pass and Visa sticker endorsed in your passport
    • Student Pass and Visa
      The University is obliged to check that the visa student hold permits study in Malaysia and is appropriate for the course student want to study. The Student Pass and Visa is valid for a specified period determined by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
    • Renewal of Student Pass
      Monitoring the expiry date of the Student Pass is the student responsibility. Student must apply to renew the Student Pass three (3) months before the expiry date of the Student Pass.A penalty will be imposed on student who fails to submit renewal application within reasonable time frame.Student must maintain a satisfactory result and attendance
      1. Passport with less than 12 months validity
      2. Poor academic result [Below 2.0 (UG) / 3.0 (PG)]
      3. Poor attendance report (Below 80%)
      4. Exceeded duration of studyNormally, it takes around 6 to 8 weeks for renewal process. Student is advised not to confirm any travel arrangement during the processing time and before student obtains the sticker of the student pass.
    • Reapplication of Student Pass
    • Student needs to reapply Student Pass under the following situations:
      1. Change of Program
      2. Progression to next level of studies for example progressing from Diploma to Degree level
      3. Student Pass has expired more than 3 months
    • Cancellation of Student Pass & Check out Memo
      Cancellation of Student Pass and application for Check-Out Memo is compulsory for students with any of the following status:
      1. Completion of study / Graduated
      2. Withdrawn
      3. Terminated
      4. Dismissed
      5. Discontinued
      Leaving without cancelling the student pass pass / applying for the Check-Out Memo is an offence and will result in student:
      1. Not able to collect the Completion Certificate or the course certificate (Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D.)
      2. Forfeiting student’s deposit payment.
      3. Blacklisted by the Malaysian Immigration Department, affecting all future visits to Malaysia.
    • Overstay on a Student Pass
      Overstaying on a student pass is an offence in Malaysia. Under Section 15(4) Immigration Act 1959/63, penalty for overstaying on student pass are as follow:
      1. Compound up to RM3,000; and/or detained at Detention Camp up to 14 days; or
      2. Penalty up to RM10,000; and/or a jail term up to 5 years
      3. Blacklisted from entering Malaysia for up to 5 years;
      4. Immediate DeportationPlease refer to the Visa Unit to get further advice and guidance in student Pass and Visa Matters.
    • Insurance Cover
      It is compulsory for student to have a valid insurance policy throughout his/her stay in Malaysia. Stay protected all round the clock wherever you are. It is imperative that you monitor the expiry date of your Student Insurance Policy to ensure you are always covered.